The Garg group of companies under the dynamic and visionary guardianship of Sri Lakshmi Chand Garg is on the threshold of entering the big league of business organization with specialization in timber purchase, Veneer and plywood manufacturing facilities.

It has well equipped, modern and updated machineries along with a professional team of committed, hardworking individual in pursuit of excellence while producing a range of products in the plywood sector.

It has clear transparent and explicit policies of acquiring the best available raw materials, processing under clean and environmentally congenial atmosphere and meeting to the needs of the workforce with a human face and in the most equitable manner.

The unambiguous objective/ motto of the company are utmost customer satisfaction for the entire range of product it manufactures.

The marketing wing is managed by efficient and committed sales executive catering to the needs of the customers who are the primary force and revered visitors.

The research and Development unit are manned by technicians who are reputed and have expert knowledge in this field.

In conclusion, the company has a well laid out strategy for growth under strict quality control measures for the ultimate benefit of the end users.

The prevalent business pattern has undergone a conceptual change all over the world. This company too has diversified into other business ventures. It has entered into construction sector by aligning with an established construction firm.

The company is acquiring Tea Gardens which are in doldrums at present by infusing capital, upgrading machineries and replanting old tea bushes with high yielding cloned plants. It expects to reap bountiful dividends in times to come.

It has also undertaken to acquire large tracks of barren lands where systematic tree plantations are being ensured to create an environmentally clean and fresh oxygen intake avenue; specially as a counter point to the vast/ large expansion of urban concrete construction that is multiplying in leaps and bounds. These green belts would to some extent rectify the ecological imbalance that has been created with the explosion of population, industrialization and urbanization.